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Faq and Game rules


Q: What is Whisper Player Manager?
A: Whisper is a free to play online soccer manager. The game tries to be a real simulation rather than a succession of games and market hits.

Q: What do I have to do to be able to play?
A: It is necessary to register on the site. Registration takes place entirely online and requires a valid email address.

Q: What is the purpose of the game?
A: The aim of the game is to bring your team to success

Q: What are players' skills or abilities?
A: Each player has their own technical, mental and physical characteristics. Skills indicate the value of these characteristics, which can range from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 20

Q: How do hidden skills affect a player? Can they vary over time?
A: Hidden skills can vary over time, but in a much milder way than normal skills. Of course, hidden skills have a weight on the quality of the player, but surely visible skills are the first factor to look at. Better to have a player with excellent skills and poor hidden skills than one with low skills and huge talents.

Q: After how many warnings is a player disqualified?
A: After 5 yellow cards, the player is disqualified for a day.

Q: When are the games played?
A: Official matches are played at 14:00 (UTC). The friendly matches at 19:00 (UTC).

Q: What is the ID?
A: ID means identifier, it is a number that uniquely indicates an object within Whisper Player Manager. The objects are clubs, players, also called players, managers and every member of staff. Everyone has his own ID.

Q: Can you draw or lose against bots or non-deployers?
A: Of course, it has happened to almost everyone at least once during the Whisperian career. In fact, even if the formation of the opponent does not appear in the news, the server deploys an 11 very very weak ghost. Sometimes it can happen, if you don't play well or if you are unlucky, to draw or even lose. In this case, it is better to check the training and tactical settings to try to improve.

Q: How can I contact another club or another manager?
A: Clicking on the name of the Manager will automatically redirect you to the private messages page. Alternatively you can use Discord.

Q: What is the Forum?
A: It is a space in the game where you can receive news directly from the site administrators and to which you are automatically registered when registering on the site. On the forum you can also participate in active discussions of all kinds and use it as a market showcase in the appropriate sections.

Q: What is the Staff in the Whisper Forum and social channels?
A: The Staff are the natural persons who take care of the site and the correct functioning of the game.

Q: What is the Staff in the game?
A: The Staff are figures in the game, as are your players. The Staff includes the Coach, the Trainers, the Observers, the Doctors, the Youth Coaches and the Talent Scouts. You can hire and fire your staff members as you do with players.

Q: What is capital and what is it for?
A: Capital is the virtual money that the game makes available to do your job as a Manager. You can see your financial situation in the Economy menu.

Q: What happens if the capital is negative?
A: If the capital becomes negative, the incoming market operations and any contractual renewals are blocked.

Q: How many clubs and how many tournaments are there in Whisper Player Manager?
A: In each server there are 8 game worlds, in each world there are 16 tournaments. In each tournament there are 2 divisions, each division consists of 8 clubs.

Q: How quickly do you spend time in Whisper? How and when do I pay the wages and the sponsor?
A: Time goes by like real life, one day is made up of 24 hours.
The only difference concerns the concept of year, in Whisper it translates into season and a season lasts about 45 days. The salary is paid every week, then four times a month, is scaled in the updates that are made on Sunday morning at 8:00 (UTC). Obviously you pay 1/4 of the salary every Sunday being the figure on a monthly basis.

Q: When does the transition to the new season take place?
A: The changeover takes place on the Sunday morning following the last game on the calendar.

Q: What do the red and green lights mean next to the team name in the rankings?
A: If they are green they indicate the teams that have already deployed the formation for the next match. They are red when they have not yet deployed.


Q: How do players train?
A: By clicking on a player's name and then setting the training values ​​in the appropriate tab, or by clicking on the team-> training menu.

Q: When do my players train?
A: Automatically every afternoon at 2.45 pm (UTC) during afternoon processing.

Q: How can I increase player skills?
A: There are no training systems that allow a 100% performance, each manager must find the balance for each player, also making use of valid trainers and players with excellent training judgments. It is always advisable to start by setting 20 points in the body, 20 points in the player's role, 9 in tactics to understand how your player behaves. Then you can customize the training mode as you wish. Here are some of the skills related to each type of training.
Attack: Shooting, movement, GA, technique, sometimes fantasy
Midfield: Steps, position, movement, shooting, technique
Defense: contrasts, GA, position, movement, aggression
Goalkeeper: block shots, rejected, postponements, position, technique.

Q: How do withdrawals work?
A: Each manager has the opportunity to send his team back for a pre-determined amount. There are more levels, with different costs, so the more you pay the more chances your players will improve. You can choose where to send your players, and depending on the place you choose you will have different results. The improvement or worsening coefficients are only a probability, then the checks that take place in training will determine if the withdrawal will affect and how it will affect each individual player. Paradoxically, your player could increase in all skills with bonuses and not deteriorate in any with the malus ... if you are lucky!

Q: When are withdrawals performed?
A: They are carried out in the processing subsequent to the day you send them for collection.

Q: Players have low physical skills. How to increase them?
A: With normal training or through athletic training that takes place on Sunday morning.

Q: When does the pre-season athletic preparation take place?
A: Preparation starts the day after the last event on the calendar and ends the day before the start of the championship.


Q: The youth squad is empty. How can I hire young people?
A: Young players are discovered by Talent Scouts, if you don't have a Talent Scout you can't have young player. You can send each Talent on a mission to look for young people by specifying the role and area of the field by accessing the talent card from the staff menu and opening the card for each individual talent.

Q: How long has the young player followed by a talent scout?
A: The young player remains on the mission list until the talent scout is called back or the mission is changed.

Q: A young player i follow at the change of season has not increased in age, is that correct?
A: Yes, young player only grow old when they are hired.

Q: How and when does the moral bonus affect young people?
A: Young people who have just been promoted receive a moral bonus and consequently start from a standard value in this skill of 18.

Q: How can I promote a young person in the first team?
A: There are two ways, after 4 official games a play a retreat can, at the end of the season, be replaced free of charge by a young man in the squad, or by spending 9 young points you can directly promote a young man in the first team.

Q: Some of my players retire, who will be promoted?
A: Young people aged 17 are promoted first.

Q: I am a premium user but I don't see the portraits of young player, why?
A: Portraits of young people are displayed once they are promoted and after the first data processing.


Q: How do I deploy the lineup and when can I deploy it?
A: You can deploy at any time. To deploy the formation, you must first deploy the players and then change the form. Click on the player's name in the list of available and place it in the desired role. When you are done click on "Deploy your personal training". Then you can edit form and tactics.

Q: When do I have to line up?
A: The lineup must be deployed every day or before each match. We must pay attention to when there are scheduled matches that do not concern us, because even in this case at the end of each game the formation is still cleared and it is necessary to deploy again.

Q: How should I choose the Captain?
A: To choose the captain two parameters must be considered. He must not be too young, therefore with experience and many active seasons and must have a very high charisma, in order to best play his role on the field.

Q: Should I line up old players?
A: With the same value and skill, an elderly player during the match with his experience can be more incisive than a young talent.

Q: Young or experienced player, who to buy?
A: Each manager is obviously free to make their own choices, considering both the skills of the players and all the information related to their men. One of these parameters is experience-related age. In general, an experienced and over 30 player trains much worse than a young man but has bonuses during the match.

Q: Do weather conditions affect?
A: Yes, they affect the progress of the match. You can view the current season by looking at the weather icon on the main page of the game.

Q: How does the weather affect the match?
A: If the weather is cloudy, playing physically or technically makes no difference. If it rains, playing technically involves penalties, but this does not mean that you will necessarily play badly. You can safely win with excellent marks, the progress of each match in fact depends on a long series of factors.

Q: How to use external players without excluding A (c) and T (c) from the game?
A: We want to remove everyone's doubt about the value 10. The value 10 in the tactical settings means neutrality, in the sense that the players will decide what to do based on what they consider appropriate. Between the neutral value 10 and the maximum game amplitude value, equal to 20, there are numerous nuances of play that allow you to be able to easily coexist external players, such as T (d) and T (s) with central players and offensive.


Q: Where can I view the ranking and scoreboards of the various tournaments / competitions?
A: By clicking on the Club menu and choosing the desired competition. The Tournaments section allows you to view Whisper's other world leagues and tournaments.

Q: Where can I find the complete match schedule?
A: The full season calendar can be found in the Club menu.

Q: With the same number of points in the ranking, how do you decide who is first?
A: You check in this order: points, goal difference, wins, English media, goals scored, minor defeats.

Q: How is the English average calculated?
A: Go to wikipedia, it is explained very well :-)

Q: What is the Super League?
A: The Super League is a tournament in which the winners of the first division championships participate and simulates the Champions League.

Q: Who participates in the UFFA League Cup?
A: All second and third classified clubs of the first divisions.

Q: What is the World League?
A: The World League is an intermediate tournament reserved for only the Super League winners of the previous season.

Q: Does winning official competitions involve receiving prizes?
A: The team's blazon with influence on the sponsor increases, the fans' expectations for the following season and of course they earn VIP Points.


Q: How can I hire staff?
A: Click on Menu β†’ Search staff and search for the desired staff through the filters.

Q: After the afternoon processing, the staff has not yet responded to my offer, how come?
A: For the staff it is necessary to wait 2 days and therefore at least 2 processing since the first offer.

Q: When I try to offer a new staff member, it tells me that I am fully booked, how can I solve it?
A: The number of members per staff has a limit, 6 per category except for the coach, which is limited to one. If you are fully booked, to hire a new one, you must send one of the old members away (firing / letting the contract expire). For the coach, on the other hand, you can offer a new member without firing what you already have.

Q: I have two staff members on "Negotiation ok, signing tomorrow", but I only have 1 seat available, what happens?
A: Only 1 will be hired randomly.

Q: How do I fire or renew a contract to a staff member?
A: You can fire a staff member directly from their personal file.

Q: What is an observer for?
A: To have as much information as possible about the players who are not part of your squad.

Q: How do I use an observer to follow a player?
A: By clicking on the player's name, accessing his personal file and clicking on the Assign Observer button.

Q: How do I see an observer's judgment of a player?
A: Going to the Club menu -> Transfers.

Q: What is the frequency of young people discovered in a year? Depends on what?
A: The frequency with which young people are discovered by talent scouts depends on Professionalism and Reputation. However, it is not possible to predict the quantity of young people who will be discovered over a period of time. It could happen that two of them are discovered in one day as well as zero in a few weeks. It is advisable, if the talent scouts do not bear fruit in a month, to look for better ones, remembering that it is always better to find a talent scout or other staff member with discreet but balanced skills.


Q: What are stadium structures and what do they do?
A: The stadium facilities are used to make it more functional and welcoming and therefore increase the number of spectators.

Q: How many facilities and how long can I extend the stadium?
A: Each season, a maximum of 2 operations are allowed between building structures and extending seats.

Q: What are the costs of building structures and expanding the stadium?
A: Costs are undefined and increase as you build.

Q: What are the requirements for building?
A: The management automatically proposes new structures based on the average audience and the economic situation of the club. The evaluation varies according to the structures already built.

Player Market

Q: How do I buy a player?
A: By clicking on the player's name, accessing his personal card and viewing the market section. To offer, from the player tab click on "Go to the Market" and make your offer.

Q: How come if I offer a contract to a player it doesn't answer me?
A: A player's transfer status changes once a day. The response can be viewed after the afternoon processing following your offer.

Q: Is it possible to market in the change of season?
A: Absolutely yes, the duration of the contracts is not linked to the duration of the season.

Q: How many negotiations can I make with the same manager?
A: A maximum of 3 negotiations can be made each season with the same manager. The total includes both purchases and sales, therefore any type of negotiation. If you have reached this limit, the server will block you but we advise you to keep in mind how many negotiations you make as the server counts the negotiations net of the auctions in progress and therefore could advise you badly.

Q: Is there a limit number of players that can be added to the squad?
A: No, however, for the roses that have more than 27 players, malus are expected to get worse and worse as the number of players increases, which negatively affect contractual negotiations as a player has less desire to marry in a team where not sure to play.

Q: What is the value and what is the difference with the maximum value?
A: The value helps to understand the caliber of a player, while the maximum value is a figure that the server assigns to a player as the maximum market value to which it can be sold or bought. The value updates every Sunday morning and affects the ceiling value.

Q: How do auctions work?
A: Each player has an auction base established by the manager who owns the card. When the auction starts, anyone can bid and equalize or exceed the offer of other managers until the ceiling is reached. Once the ceiling has been reached, all competing managers await the end of the auction to find out what the player's decision is.